Something Good, Something Bad

Sometimes I like to pat myself on the back:

  • I have a bad habit of eating out for lunch (usually salad bar, but still…)  Expensive!  So I’m happy to announce that I brought lunch from home!  Leftovers! Huzzah!
But then I also sabotage myself:
  • I had eaten my entire lunch by 9:00 AM.  It’s 12:00 noon and I’m hungry again… and will probably go out for lunch.
Oh, bother.
Anyone else out there have a hard time waiting until lunchtime to eat their lunch?

8 comments to Something Good, Something Bad

  • YES!!!!! I eat breakfast at home around 7am and I am STARVING by 10am. I try my darndest to wait until 11am to eat. I had to buy a cookie from the breakroom to satiate my desire. I forgot to bring lunch from home. I'm still trying to decide if I'll run home (it's like 3 minutes from work) or head to Subway. Something tells me I SHOULD just run home 😉

  • Yeah but I eat a piece of dry toast with fat free cottage cheese before I leave the house. Once I get to work I eat a handful of fat free pretzels and then a fat free yogurt at around 9:45.

    I eat lunch at 11 and then have until 2:30 before I eat some more pretzels and head home. I usually start making dinner as soon as I get home so I am covered.

    So instead of just having leftovers you probably need to bring stuff to eat for breakfast too.

  • I do if it's something that doesn't need refrigeration and is therefore at my desk. I sneak a few bites at a time, and it's gone by 10:00. If I put it in the kitchen (which is a bit of a hike from my desk), it's usually safe.

    Maybe you need some filling snacks to keep in your desk? I like nuts, trail mix and oatmeal packets.

  • I wait until I get to work to eat breakfast and then have something like a yogurt and a granola bar. Then I eat lunch early, like 11:30. Then I usually have a granola bar or fruit or something at 2:30 or so.

    I also always have tons of shelf stable lunch foods in my desk drawer. That way even if I don't remember breakfast or lunch I have something to eat without going to the cafeteria. I've got oatmeal, granola bars, udon noodle bowls, those Indian packet lunch things, tuna, easy mac, and other tasty treats. Not the healthiest, but cheaper and better than what I end up with at the cafeteria.

  • Tara

    I have noticed that since I stopped eating cold cereal I'm not as hungry before lunch time as I used to be. I think that what you eat for breakfast might impact your hunger (oatmeal has done wonders for me w/fresh fruit). I'm also running around all morning (and afternoon) & rarely get a break until lunch, this helps. But, if I do snack before they provide us w/graham crackers, I just discovered their stock of pudding too so I think that could get me in trouble.

  • I couldn't imagine waiting until lunch. I think I would seriously die. I prepare all of my food for the next day before I go to bed, and I end up eating food all day long. This works great.

  • (Like I said on BUZZ)… My husband makes me two separate things for lunch. I usually end up eating half of it for second breakfast by 10AM and then the other half for lunch. About 1PM, though, I'm really wishing I had a second lunch too!

  • That is hilarious! I have that problem when I bring my lunch too…