Reviving the 24-Year-Old Version of Myself

Mel has been in Mexico for the past week on a “work trip.”

Yea.  I know.  I’m skeptical there’s actually work happening down there, too.

But as usual, when Mel goes out of town, I revert back to a 24-year-old version of myself.  I exhibit the following characteristics:

  • refusal to go to bed before 3:00 AM, even when I have work the next day
  • refusal to get out of bed when the alarm goes off
  • refusal to wear pants while indoors
  • refusal to cook anything other than Ramen Noodles
  • watching French coming-of-age movies about 15-to-18-year-olds coming to terms with their sexuality
  • wasting hours of my life by checking and re-checking the same 3 websites over and over and over and over and over and over (hey, here’s one difference – it used to be MySpace, now it’s Facebook!  I’m maturing!)
  • an overwhelming distrust of vegetables and their intentions for my intestines
  • deciding that 2:00 AM is an appropriate time to sort my comic books or football cards, neither of which I have touched in years
I’m glad she’ll be home tomorrow so things can get back to normal.
Ok, fine.  I’ll probably still refuse to wear pants….

7 comments to Reviving the 24-Year-Old Version of Myself

  • Marla

    am i the only one singing 'pants on the ground' in my head right now?

  • @Marla – well… there is some pantsless dancing and singing going on as well, but I was going to keep that to myself.

  • This is hilarious because I do basically the same thing when Rob's out of town, only the list is slightly modified. I'm going out of town this week and it will be HIS first time alone in the house since we got married. I wonder what he'll do?

  • Tara

    Oh Reuben you are so funny…I do the same thing when Bryce is gone or on call, except I have to wear pants since I have a ground level apartment.

  • Oh how I miss the 24-year-old Reuben…

  • Paul

    I never had you pegged as a French coming-of-age movie sort of guy. Were you hiding that once you met Melanie, just like you must have hidden the no-pants preference? Next time she's at her Mexican sweatshop, I'd definitely recommend Wild Reeds if you haven't seen it already.

  • @Darcey – so…. what sort of shenanigans did he pull while you were out of town???

    @tara – curse those peeping toms!

    @Tiger – 24-year-old Reuben misses you, too… although the no-pants thing was always a little awkward with you around….

    @Paul – thanks for the recommendation! I'll put it in my Netflix queue so that I'm ready!