You may recall that I thought it would be funny to photoshop my face behind the Google logo, since y’all are asking me so many great questions.  I’m a total graphix dunce, so my friend Don offered to help me out:


Here’s what Don had to say about it:

After several versions I landed on this. I realize the faded Reuben makes it look like you’re selling soap or flowers or something like that but the other versions made you look scary or like harry potter. 

Well, I don’t know what’s so wrong with looking like Harry Potter… My wife thinks he’s quite handsome.  But big thanks to Don for creating Reuoogle!  He’s inspired me to start selling my own soaps!  I’ll let you know when the first batch of soaps is available!

So, if any of y’all have any questions, just go ahead and Reuoogle It!

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