Rejection 2 from

Rejection #2 from

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I guess I wasn’t really surprised about this one…

[Rejection #1 is here.]

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  • I'm sort of pleased that they actually told you what they didn't accept about your answers. I think we had previously speculated they might filter out and refuse to post.
    Can you just leave answers blank? What if you say this is a topic that you struggle to understand? I guess thats what you did say in attempt #2, but just less vulger.

  • marla

    you are hilarious…

    i'm dying.

  • marla

    ps i am sure whomever is approving comments got a kick out of this… i'm sure of it!

  • love it, that's hilarious!

  • @Melanie – yea, you can leave answers blank. I'm mostly just really intrigued by this question.

  • hkobeal

    Okay, this is so funny.

  • A

    I'm disturbed by this site you're trying to join. It's like they just want to turn you into a nice little Mormon soundbite for marketing purposes. Seems completely disingenuous. I thought they wanted to put a face on Mormonism and show that real people follow (and struggle with) that faith, rather than a bunch of shiny happy faces that can regurgitate the party line and canned responses to tough questions.

    I think your "Beats the hell out of me" answer is probably the best one anyone can really give, to be quite honest. I'd rather have a Mormon tell me that than spout off a bunch of nonsense about how King David did it, so it's OK. Your answer is more human – and one that doesn't presume that you just know the right answer but rather that you'd be open for discussion on the topic.

    In summary – please don't join this Mormon Facebook thing. Facebook is plenty terrible enough without adding even more rules about what kind of content or opinions can be posted there.

  • @A – This is more of an experiment than me actually wanting to display a profile. Part of what I'm trying to figure out is how much freedom the Church is willing to allow on this site. I feel like progress in the church will come by stretching the boundaries of what is permitted within Mormonism – I guess I'm just trying to test those boundaries.

    Also, I want to play Mormon Farmville.

  • Andrew Guzman

    Well, if there is Farmville involved then I guess I'm ok with it. You have my blessing.

  • Sarah

    Great answer!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Ren

    Encouraging… how about this:

    "The question is, why did the stop? I can't wait to get Mel a sister wife!"

  • You should answer that the church practiced polygamy because God commanded it of Joseph Smith, by way of an angel with a flaming sword.

  • @Alex – That's a good idea. Maybe I'll try that next.

  • Ren

    I have a few more suggestions (cuz I've been so helpful thus far):

    -God commanded them to practice polygamy. I'm not sure if He okayed the polyandry part.

    -Wait, the church members used to practice polygamy? I don't believe you. I've never, ever heard it mentioned in gospel doctrine.

    -Because men are horndogs. Nuff said.

  • I love it — all of those are hilarious!!!