Packing a suitcase for a trip is one of my least favorite things to do ever.  Even if it’s only for a small weekend trip or something.  It just kills me.  I know it would only take 5 minutes max to toss a couple t-shirts in a bag, but honestly, I’d rather jab rusty nails through my feet.

Mel: Hey, we need to go pack now.

Reuben: Ugh… do we have to?

Mel: Yes, when else will it get done?

Reuben: Will you do it for me?

Mel: No.

Reuben: Please???

Mel: How much will you pay me?

Reuben: How does $10 sound?

Mel: Deal.

(10 minutes later Mel walks back down the stairs to find me composing this very post)

Mel:  WHAT?!?  Instead of packing, you’d rather pay me $10 to do it, and you’re just sitting her blogging about packing?  Oh, there’s no way I’m spending any of that $10 on you, buddy.  I’m spending it all on me!

4 comments to Packing

  • The fact that your wife would have even considered spending any of that $10 on you in the first place shows how awesome she is.

    My wife, however, doesn't take bribes. She's the one offering them.

  • @Bill – she's a real gem. Anyone else would have charged me $20 and still would have made me pack my own underwear.

  • Ren

    Is it due to her packing that you two matchy matchy?

  • I agree with Bill, she's awesome! I'm curious if you'll banter like this with her over things like dirty diapers and other similarly icky baby things. Not that I'm asking or pressuring or anything, I'm just wondering.

    (I'm wondering because we cloth diapered and my husband refused to change the poopy ones, excpet for once on my birthday.)