How are the Children?

New Question in the inbox! I love getting questions! Here it is, asked anonymously:

What do those bumper stickers that say “So! How are the children?” mean?

What do I look like? Google?

If I had any graphix skills, I’d photoshop my face behind the Google homepage.  The two o’s in Google would be my eyes, and my mouth would be the search box.  That would be funny.

But I don’t have the skills, so just pretend I did it and that it was funny.

Ok, seriously, though.  Hell if I know what they mean.  It’s something about this, I guess.

Ask Me Anything!!!

2 comments to How are the Children?

  • I'm glad the answer is something cool and compassionate, and not something hideous and homophobic sponsored by Focus on the Family or the Family Research Council.

    (BTW, I would use Google a lot more often if it was a picture of your face!)

  • Ren

    Huh. I hadn't seen one of those yet. My first thought was of those God billboards. One of them says something like "Come to my place next Sunday & bring the kids. – God"

    Hey, love the new tagline!