Favre Fever

Have y’all caught the Favre Fever yet?

Peeps are all running around saying things like:

  • Do you think he’s gonna play this year?
  • What about his ankle?
  • Do you think he’s too old?
  • OMG he just landed at the airport in Eden Prairie!
  • OMG he’s at the practice field RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes peeps start saying this stuff in my general direction, and someone will ask me “Do you think Favre will get that Superbowl Ring this year?”

Panic!  What do I do?  Inside I’m thinking, “I don’t give a @#&! about Favre!!!”  That would certainly be a rude response, wouldn’t it?  No sir.  There’s no need to be rude or hostile.

But then I’m faced with a delimma… Do I try to BS my way through a discussion about Farve?

“Well I think Favre’s performance last year clearly shows that…”  That plan falls short when I remember that I have no idea what his performance was like last year.. nor can I name any of his teammates.

Should I politely inform them that I’d rather talk about the weather?

“Favre… He plays for the Twins, right? Has he hit any ‘homers’ this year?” I say, using air-quotes to accentuate the word “homers.”

Stunned, they just slowly back away from me, wide-eyed.  The tables have turned.  Now they’re the ones that have no idea how to respond.


2 comments to Favre Fever

  • brian

    Ha, for real! I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.

    What seems to work for me is to just flip the question. If they ask, "What do you think about so-and-so?" I just kind of laugh an ambiguous grunt and say, "Seriously!" pause, " What do you think?"

    So far that's worked every time. People seem more interested in saying what they think rather then knowing what other people think. Plus, that's how I find out what sport they're talking about.

    Only problem is if it gets too deep. Then, I just try to change subjects to some other sport or pop culture that I know a little bit more about. Works like a charm.

  • @brian – you're totally right about people being more interested in saying what they think than in hearing what other people think. But I guess you find that no matter what the topic of conversation.