Weekend in Ely

Mel and I spent the weekend in Ely again.  Fun times up there!  Our baby nephew was around, so that was fun. I was gonna post a super-cute picture, but it’s prob a little weird for me to be posting pictures of other peoples babies.

We did some swimming and biking, and (since the in-laws have satellite TV) I enjoyed watching several episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter.  It’s been several years since I’ve seen an episode of that show.  I’ll tell you what: HD picture quality doesn’t do Dog or his wife any favors.  They were both looking a little rough around the edges, in my opinion.

We hiked back up to Ennis Lake again, which is always a treat!  The whole weekend was pretty much perfect, except for when Mel got mad halfway through our hike.  She’s a pretty intense hiker, and when the rest of us stopped to take some photos, she kind of snapped:


Yes, dear.

One thought on “Weekend in Ely”

  1. Yes, I can imagine Melanie's intense hiking abilities. She is great motivation! For example, you should have seen her when she was playing Ref for our young women's badminton game. She was like the Soup Nazi, but nicer when she basically said "NO COOKIE FOR YOU … unless you play a game!" 🙂 You married a good one – I really like Motivating Mel!!!

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