New question from the mailbag!  This one from Marla over at Muppets & Me:

what does HUZZAH mean?  And where did you pick up that lingo?  It’s catchy!

This one’s easy!  Here’s the source:

Arrested Development is perhaps my all-time favorite TV show!!!

Ok, peeps!  Keep the questions coming! Ask Me Anything!!!

8 thoughts on “Huzzah!?”

  1. So, I pretty much love Arrested Development. It's the excuse Evan and I used to continue dating. ("Hey, let's watch another episode of Arrested Development. Mind if I come over?" One of those scenarios.)

    P.S. My husband surprised me with never nude shorts on our honeymoon. I can honestly say that I have never laughed so hard in my life!

  2. right after i asked that question, i bought one of thoe groupons from the twin cities and after you purchase it, it says HUZZAH!!
    ps i love arrested development too. my favorite characters are the brothers. 'A BIRD JUST WALKED ACROSS MY PILLOW!'

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