Mom Comes to Town

Mom came to visit this last week.  We did all sorts of exciting things.  It was a great weekend.  We only had the “When are you guys going to start having kids?” conversation about 3 times.  I told her “As soon as you move to MN and agree to provide free daycare 50 hours/week.”  That got her to change the conversation pretty quick.

We went for a walk near Minnehaha Falls and got this great photo right at the Minnehaha Creek and  Mississippi River confluence.  What do you guys think?  Do I look like my mom?

Next, we headed up north to the Boundary Waters.  My mom LOVES taking pictures, and she’s totally into just snapping random shots without telling anyone she’s about to take their photo.  This is one of the few shots where we actually knew she was taking our photo.  That’s a great looking sunset, huh?

Then we saw a double rainbow all across the sky, and I tried to make a joke that referenced the smash hit internet meme, but it fell flat and just made me look stupid.  BTW – You guys should check out the screamo version!

“Y’all don’t spend enough time on the innertubes,” I said.
They all stared at me and said in unison, “You need to get out more.”

“Guys!  Hello?  WORLD WIDE WEB???” I whimpered in vain.

We went canoeing the next day, which was a total hoot:

Then we checked out the Soudan Mine. I’m a little skeptical about how Mel is wearing her hard hat.  Also, WE’RE MATCHY MATCHY (as my friend Katie would say).  Tha’ts cute, huh?

We also checked out the North American Bear Center, and watched some bears eat grapes.

QUERY:  How come a 300 lb. bear can eat 5 grapes for lunch and feel good about it?  I’m gonna go on the bear food diet.

Alright, put this on your list of things to see in Minnesota – Pillow Rocks:

The best part about Pillow Rocks is that they’re literally right in the middle of one of the streets in Ely.  Like they were building the road and one guy said, “Hey, do we really have to move all these rocks out of the way?”  And the next guy says, “Hell no, let’s just go around them!  We’ll put a sign next to them and then we don’t have to move them.”

OK, well I hope you enjoyed reading about me and my Mom hanging out.  It was tons of fun having her in town!

10 thoughts on “Mom Comes to Town”

  1. Looks like a fun trip! I'm also a little concerned with how Melanie is wearing her hard hat, but I guess she survived.

    Also, at least your Mom only brought up the b-word (baby) 3 times. Anytime I went home or talked to my Grandma on the phone, she would say something about having kids, followed by "I sure would like to see what you two would produce!" Bless her heart 🙂

  2. @Liz – makes you feel a little bit like a factory – or a garden, or something, huh? Well I guess she's right, though. We're all a little excited to see what you two are gonna produce.

  3. Yep- thats an awesome pic of me in the hardhat. Everyone was jealous of how cool I looked with my double hats- see the person behind me was trying to be cool by pulling up their hood, but that was weak compared to my awesomeness (or I hadn't washed my hair in two days and wasn't willing to let everyone see…)

  4. Next time I see you Reuben, remind me to tell you the story of our adventure at the Bear Center.

    I'm glad to see you having so much fun with your mom, my mom and I are such good friends that I sometimes forget that not everyone gets along as well as we do.

  5. @Kara – well, yes, but no cause for alarm! If you had ever been to the Bear Center you would know that black bears are overwhelmingly scared animals and are only very rarely known to attack humans. Most people can easily scare away a bear simply by waving their arms around. According to the Bear Center, the idea of killer bears is a total myth.

  6. Triple cool! 1- Good pix; 2- Bears; 3- Double Rainbow! I can't believe I have lived my life this long without ever hearing Double Rainbow. Thank you for that. A happy moment on Monday morning!

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