What’s in your Google Reader?

Another question from the mailbag!  This one is from my friend Sarah who blogs at Stout Stories.  Here’s her question:

My question is twofold: As you well know, I use Google Reader as my feed reader and view the items that you share. Viewing your items has led me to two questions:

1. How many blogs do you subscribe to?

2. How did you find the blogs to which you subscribe? Some of them are pretty random! 🙂

Great question!  (HINT: if you don’t know what Subscribing to a blog with Google Reader means, you’re reading blogs the hard way.  If you click on each link in your list of favorites each morning trying to see who has updated their blogs and who hasn’t.. trust me.. you’re doing it wrong).  
Ok, here are some stats from my Google Reader:
From my 505 subscriptions, over the last 30 days, I read 9,268 items.
Caveat:  Not all 505 of those are blogs, of course, and I certainly didn’t actually read 9,268 blog posts.  1,055 of those items I read came from a single flickr photo feed, which just serves up tons of pictures of people on bikes.  I probably roll through about 150 photos/day from various flickr feeds – and it takes me all of 4 minutes.  I follow 108 blogs written by friends or family.  Most of these are friendly family blogs with pictures of babies and stuff.  Most of these are updated only once per week or less. Several haven’t been updated in months.  They’re generally really picture heavy and can be read quickly. I follow 78 blogs written by local minneapolis people.  These are blogs written by people I’ve never met in person, but are Twin Cities or Minnesota Based.  Again, Most of these are updated only once per week or less.  Quite a few haven’t been updated in months.  I also follow quite a few feeds from local issues forums or various news feeds, most of which I just glance at the titles and “mark as read.”  I’m guessing that I don’t read well over half the stuff that shows up in my reader.
For the blogs I subscribe to, I’m guessing your referring to the feel-good tom-foolery blogs that I share a lot from that I keep in my “FUN” folder.  Cheezburger network type stuff.  I find most of these by following the source info.  The thing about the internet is that one person creates content, everyone else just steals it and posts it somewhere else.  Usually at the bottom of posts, there’s a link to wherever they stole it from.  Follow those links every once in a while and you’ll find a lot of fun stuff, especially on Tumblr blogs.
Now, for anyone out there thinking “505 Blogs!  That’s so many!”  My friend Bill tells me that he’s following well over 1,500 feeds.

5 thoughts on “What’s in your Google Reader?”

  1. i have been doing it wrong!!! oh my gosh! i had no idea it was so easy! i'm now looking into the mechanics of HOW to set it up quickly — like do you have to go into each blog one at a time to add them?

  2. @marla – yes, as far as I know you'll have to add each blog individually. You don't actually have to visit the blog to add it to your reader if you already know the blog address. For example, if you already know that my blog address is reubencollins.blogspot.com, then you can just type that into the "add a subscription" box in your reader. You'll see "subscribe via RSS" buttons on a lot of blogs (including mine), but you shouldn't have to click the buttons for most blogs. Just paste the blog URL into Google Reader and it will probably find the feed. Good luck.

  3. Thanks, Reuben. It's a question I've been wondering about for a while and I'm glad you went into the details because I'm interested in things like that. Now I know! 🙂

  4. thank u reuben!!!
    it would be great if it would link to all your email addresses and just find all the blogs for me…but i guess i should just be grateful there's an easier way to read all my blogs. 🙂

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