New Ask Me Anything Form

I’m happy to announce that I’m upgrading my Ask Me Anything feature to a Google Docs powered form. Formspring was working ok, but there were two known problems. First, the email notification when I would receive new questions didn’t seem reliable. Second, Formspring imposes a maximum question length, and Google Docs doesn’t (or if they do, it’s pretty dang big). So check out the new form and keep the questions coming!

If you want to create your own google doc Ask Me Anything form, you can read up on some brief instructions here, and set it up. It’s super-easy. Google practically does it for you.

On a related note of business, someone submitted an anonymous question a few days ago that was sabotaged by the Formspring character limit. It was a question about Joseph Smith, and it looked like it was going to be a good one, before it was interrupted mid-sentence. So whoever asked that question, feel free to re-submit the full question with the new form, if you’d like. If I don’t hear from you after a few days, I’ll just go ahead and guess at what I thought you were going to ask.

Ask Me Anything!!!

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