Act 2, Scene 3: Mel Returns Home Early

A scene from the theatrical dramatization of my life:

(Melanie returns home early from Mexico.  She enters the living room, luggage in hand.  Reuben is sitting in front of the computer listening to music.  He doesn’t hear her enter.)

Mel: Oh My Gosh! What are you listening to?  Is this that Paris Hilton song from like 4 years ago?

(Reuben spins around, surprised to find Melanie home so early.   They stare at each other, neither knowing what to say in this situation.  Awkward silence.)


Reuben:  Just love me for who I am.


(Awkward staring continues)

Melanie: (suspicious & confused) Why aren’t you wearing pants?

(lights dim)


7 thoughts on “Act 2, Scene 3: Mel Returns Home Early”

  1. it pains me greatly that i will be without internet access for a whole week and unable to read your blog. i seriously don't know what to do.

    haaa-larious entry. welcome home mel!

  2. Thanks all- I promise I was actually WORKING!!!

    Reuben assures me this is what all men do when their wives leave town for a few days. I'm still suspicious and confused…

  3. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha. LOVE. I love this because it is like we as the "audience" know what you have been doing while Melanie has been gone, but she doesn't. This stuff makes for great comidic drama.

  4. Haha… I'm still laughing. I'm pretty sure my husband did the same thing while I was gone for 2 weeks in California, that and called me every couple of hours because he was lonely without me. I can see the problem in you doing that while Mel was in Mexico. By the way, where does Mel work?

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