Sunscreen and a New Basement Window

Another busy weekend around the Collins household. In addition to plugging our way through Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 2, we went tubing on Saturday and I now I look like a lobster because I’m too lazy to wear sunscreen.  Serves me right.  I even had sunscreen.  And I stood around for 5 minutes while everyone else applied their sunscreen.  In the moment, I just decide that I’d rather deal with being burned for the next week than take the time to wear sunscreen.  Something’s off on that cost/benefit analysis….

My new basement windows arrived in the mail from Northview Window & Door.  These are easily some of the flimsiest feeling windows I’ve ever seen.  They’ll be a lot more user-friendly than the existing windows, but I’m very skeptical that they’ll actually be more energy efficient than our existing ones. I fully expect the next homeowner will be replacing these again in 10 years. Anyway, here’s a photo timeline:





After (from inside)

QUERY:  How did you secure the wood framing to the foundation blocks?
ANSWER: I didn’t.  Let’s just say that there was a tire jack involved in the installation process and that those pieces are wedged in there as tight enough that they aren’t coming out easily.

Anywyay, there’s still a lot to be done here. I still have to caulk all the edges, and there’s some mortaring that will need to be done around the gaps (spray foam?). I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to add some wood molding around the edges, or if I’m just gonna mortar the thing in place.

6 thoughts on “Sunscreen and a New Basement Window”

  1. The window looks awesome! we probably should do something like this with our basement windows as well, but we still have enough unfinished projects to keep us busy for a while.

    I'm embarrassed that I'm admitting this on the world wide web, but I watched the first three seasons of Buffy and I liked them a lot. I couldn't find them online after that so I stopped watching. I got in to Bones just because the main guy is Angel from Buffy:)

  2. @kat – the list of projects never gets shorter!!!

    Don't be embarrassed about liking Buffy – Mel and I are enjoying them as well – and I have a few other friends who really like it, too. Plus, let's face it – Sarah Michelle Gellar is nice to look at. Nothing wrong with that. You are in luck because both Buffy and Angel complete series are on Netflix Watch Instantly right now.

    Mel was watching Bones recently and I was like, "Wait, that's ANGEL. Why does he look so old???" Mel was like, "You know that Buffy was made like 15 years ago, right?"

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