You Look Like a Hobo

Another question asked anonymously!!!!

This isn’t a question, but a random comment. For a while I sat here thinking that some hobo dude with a beard was the one following my blog, and when looking through your blog, came across a recent picture of you. You clean up very well 😉

That’s not really a question, but whatevs.  We’re flexible around here.  Yea, your initial reaction makes sense because hobos are totally into blogging!

Well thanks for the compliment!  I’m guessing the photo you reference is this one from this post:

I think this is one of my better shots, too.  Thanks for noticing.

I am sorry to disappoint you, however:  I am a happily married man.  Flattery will earn you my respect and friendship, but that is all you will get from me.

But yes, long-time readers will know that the beard is seasonal, appearing each year sometime in November to keep my face warm throughout the winter.  It usually disappears sometime in March.

Oh, and welcome to the blog, by the way – whoever you are.

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  • Haha… This makes me laugh! I have always thought that your beard is well-kept. Perhaps anonymous just always associates a good beard with a hobo. I'm just saying.