What is Wrong with Your Hair???

Moar Questions!!! Here’s one from my friend Kristy:

How on earth can I have an “ask me anything” button on my blog?! -Kristy

You are in luck! Earth is actually the easiest place in the entire universe to have an “ask me anything” button!! I have found wifi signals to be a little low on other planets! Just head on over to Formspring and sign up for an account! Under the Settings tab, they’ve got some widgets you can drop right onto your blog!!

Ok. Next Question:

Have you ever recevied a professional Haircut?

This was asked anonymously, but I’m guessing it’s also from Kristy, because she happens to be a professional stylist. I guess it depends on how you define “professional.” Have I paid for haircuts? Yes – at places like Super-Great-Cuts. Are those professional cuts? I’ve also gotten haircuts at hair schools – especially when I lived in Provo. Those are probably not “professional,” since they are students. I have never received a haircut at a full-service salon, if that’s what you mean…

Do you think I should give it a shot?  I sort of feel like I wouldn’t know the difference between a professional and non-professional haircut. Plus my hair is SO SHORT these days – I feel like the shorter the hair, the less value I would receive from a professional cut.  Do you think that’s true? Maybe you can leave a comment and educate us a little bit about the difference between professional cuts and non-professional cuts? How should a guy know if Super-Great-Cuts is right for them or not? At Super-Great-Cuts, I should expect my haircut to cost about $15 + tip. I’m under the impression that a full-service salon would be about in the $30-$45 + tip range for a basic clip with no coloring. Is that about right?

Ask Me Anything!!!

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