Question Marks, Melanie’s Foot, and Cyclists Elbow

More anonymous questions!!!  Keep ’em coming!

Why do you like question marks so much?

???????????????????????????? I don’t understand the question.

What happened to Melanie’s foot?

She broke it.  Playing Tennis.  I used to think that tennis was a mamsy pamsy game for wussies or people who like watching women in short skirts.  But it’s serious business, y’all.  Mel is out of commission for a few more weeks, it seems.  I’m just hoping she can still get on a bike for Tour de Taco.

Is there a cycling equivalent to tennis elbow, like bicycling elbow? If so, I think I have it.

I’ve had quite a few injuries of sorts from cycling.  A few years ago, I used to get a really sharp pain in one of my knees any time I tried to ride.  I just rode anyway, though.  I don’t know about elbows, but I’ve had all sorts of weird things with my wrists.  And my two littlest fingers go a little numb just about every day.  Padded gloves help a lot.  Good luck.  I don’t know much about injury prevention…

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  • Ren

    My hands totally go numb riding. I bought gloves right before I fractured my foot. I haven't had a chance to use them yet. Between work and the weather, I don't know when I'll ride next.