Have y’all ever noticed how when something cool happens that everyone’s blogging about, there’s a flurry of posts for the next day or two cross the innerwebs about it?  And then about a week later I get around to posting about it?  Well here I am again with week-old news!!!!

Mel and I checked out the Flugtag thing going on downtown St. Paul.  It’s where a bunch of folks make some flying machines and push them off the edge of a platform to see how far they can fly.

There were TONS of people around.  The coolest part of crowd watching was when a group of shirtless “sweet bro’s” wearing visors were goofing around with a dog.  The dog got spooked somehow and took off running as fast as it could.  It’s leash got caught on a cooler full of beverages, but that didn’t slow the dog down one bit.  The dog pulled the cooler a good 50 yards while all the glass bottles spilled out and shattered all over the sidewalk.  Also, as the dog went tearing through the crowd dragging a cooler, at least a dozen people got tripped up by the dog/cooler combo and ended up on the ground.  Easily the best part of the day.

Anyway, Flugtag was cool, although there are some down sides, too.  It was hot, crowded, and sticky.  We were too far away to see any of the skits or anything going on, so we totally missed out on that whole aspect. The sound system was underpowered and pretty echoy, so we couldn’t really hear the announcers.  AND there’s about 5 minutes of down-time between each team that got old pretty quick.  We actually got bored and left about halfway through.  So we went to Grand Ole Creamery instead.  MMMM that’s some tasty ice cream!

6 comments to Flugtag

  • I wondered if you'd go to that… The thought of the Flugtag just makes me laugh. I suppose that alone is a good reason for its existence.

  • Ren

    That poor dog!

    I really wanted to go but I was stuck in front of my computer running a hundred odd scripts for database patches. FUN.

  • @J G-W – It's such a fantastically ridiculous idea for an event that has no choice but to be entertaining. I sort of suspect that it suffers under the weight of its own popularity, however.

    @Ren – scripts??? We don't need no stinking scripts!

  • How do you hear about these fun activities?

  • @Sassy Sarah – Well, hearing about this one was easy – they are estimating that 90,000 people attended!!!!! oh snap! It was actually pretty hard to NOT hear about flugtag.

  • Sarah

    Great pix!