Do you have Siblings? Are you Awesome?

More questions!!!!!  Huzzah!!!

Do you have siblings? If so, where are you in the order and are you close with them?

Yes! I have one older sister and she is prob one of the most badass people I know, so we’re pretty close. She’s super-smart, & I’ve always looked up to her. In high school, I pretty much wanted to BE her. For Christmas one year she told me to buy her a Bad Religion album, and I had never heard of them before, but I knew I liked it because she did, even though I was slightly worried that it was devil music. Also, one day she came home with an album from a couple ska bands nobody had ever heard of. One was called Slapstick that pretty much rocked my world even though they used the f-word more times in one song than I think I’d ever heard my entire life. And she kept talking about some little opener ska band with a girl singer named No Doubt.

Also, she rides this:

So that pretty much confirms her awesomeness.

OK. Next question:

Are you as awesome in real life as you are in print? How can we tell?

Sadly, no.  This is as good as it gets. In real life, I’m all awkward smiles and uncomfortable pauses.
Thanks for the questions! Keep them coming!!!

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