Four Photos of a Wall

Hey y’all.  I’m working on a new project around the house.  I’m not gonna tell you what it is but here’s a little time lapse sequence as a hint.  Can you guess what I’m working on?

5 thoughts on “Four Photos of a Wall”

  1. A nice entryway to a tiny room for the squirrels (since you kicked them out of the attic)?

    Good work getting clean cuts through the plaster, BTW. This looks like it would be a super-awesome project to be involved with.

  2. @Andrew – that's what it was originally supposed to be, but then I couldn't find a DeLorean, so I had to change plans.

    @James – you are correct. Squirrel habitat.

  3. InspectorReuben – Ding! Ding! WINNER. You won at the internet today! I might be finishing terminating all my wires this week, and the faceplates are in the mail. But, like always, I've already moved on to the next project. Finishing one project before moving on to the next project is so old-fashioned!

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