Canoeing Minnehaha Creek

This last weekend, Mel and I canoed down Minnehaha Creek with some friends.  It was our third time canoeing the creek.  The first time, the water was really high, and it was a pretty wild ride.  The second time, the water was way too low.  This time, conditions were perfect for canoeing.

We started at Synagogue Cemetery on France Avenue in Edina.

Construction on the Bryant Avenue Pedestrian Bridge were a pretty big pain, mostly because a fallen tree was stuck underneath the construction, blocking the whole river.

Nicollet Avenue Bridge:

At 35W, we found this sign telling us that the creek was closed.  We were pretty skeptical that it was actually closed, so we just kept going.

Ta Daaaa! Not actually closed!

But another fallen tree slowed us down a bit.

At the Hiawatha Golf Course, some of the bridges are pretty low and you have to duck under them.

The End.

7 thoughts on “Canoeing Minnehaha Creek”

  1. How fun! Yesterday a friend & I drove along the creek for a bit and I was commenting that I really want to ride my bike along it.

    Did you paddle your way back or did someone go fetch the car?

  2. @Ren – We did the old car shuffle – That's definitely the worst part of the whole thing. The first time we went (a couple years ago), we just left some bikes locked up near minnehaha falls. Then when we canoed down to the falls, we chained the canoe to a tree,hopped on the bikes, and rode back to Edina to get the car (then back to minnehaha falls with the car to get the canoe…)

  3. um… you guys do so many fun things. will you adopt me?

    i went canoeing in the minnehaha creek in minnetonka — from the taco bell in st. louis park to mtka. and the water was really low one year and we had to duck low… and i almost lost my head. 🙂

  4. Would you happen to remember the dam discharge during your run? Trying to gauge when would be a good time to go.

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