Why do you Link to Twitter?

OK, peeps, another question asked semi-anonymously!!

Dear Reuben, Why do you have a twitter link when you only have 2 tweets? Your friend from the other side of the country 🙂

I’m not sure who submitted this question, or which side of the country they’re talking about (since I’m right in the middle). Great question though. There’s a few reasons:

1. What I lack in quantity, I make up for with quality. [sidenote: HEY, I had at least 3 tweets a few months ago… who’s deleting my tweets? Knock it off, jerks!]

2. Everybody’s doing it. You don’t want me to get made fun of, do you?

3. What else am I going to link to? useful stuff? pssshhh. Whatevs. You obviously don’t understand the internet.

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