What is that Smell???

I think something died in our kitchen.  It smells THAT BAD.  

No I’m not kidding.  We’ve scrubbed everything & poured bleach down the drain.

I’m 100% serious when I say that I think some critter crawled into one of our walls and died.  Gross.

Decomposition, lol.

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  • Anonymous

    Check the potatoes and the milk cartons. They seem to be the culprits when I can't source the smell easily.

  • @Anonymous – that's a good tip. I think we're going to have to dig deep into the cupboards to find this one…

  • Good luck finding/getting rid of it! I once had that issue and after a week or two found a bag of rotting potatoes in a place I never would have put potatoes (the back of a bottom kitchen drawer).

  • Lots of probs with potatoes around here, huh?

  • Let's hope it's actually potatoes. Last night one of my friends told me a story about his nephew. The kid is about 5 years old and very funny, but also a big-time brat. Apparently his parents went into the little boy's room and it smelled totally like poo. So they spent three days searching, cleaning every surface, washing the walls and shampooing the carpet, and still no luck. Finally, they found he'd taken up the heater vent and pooed into the duct. Sick!
    Anyway, the point is it could be worse, right?

  • @Rachel – if I find out my wife has been pooing in our heater ducts, I will be very angry.

  • Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo I had a smell that was like death in our room a couple weeks ago. I just couldn't figure it out! Then I found it …. a bottle of Valerian Root capsules had started to go bad … NASTY!!! That stuff smells like rotten feet to begin with, but when it's going bad you better watch out!

  • I've had that happen a couple times before. Once it was a dead mouse under the stove. There was a trap under there that I didn't know about. So I would recommend checking for mice under the stove. The other time it was the can we dump grease into after frying bacon and sausage.

  • Ren

    Sometimes it's the obvious culprit… did you take the trash out?

  • Has the smell yet abated?