Fishing Weekend

I had another great weekend up at the in-laws!  Here’s a view of the docks at Williams & Hall Outfitters:

And the beautiful Moose Lake:

Visiting the in-laws is awesome for a lot of reasons, not the least of these reasons is that the W&H cook makes a lot of our meals for us.  She makes some mean biscuits & gravy!

The in-laws generously gave me the second half of my birthday present, a fishing pole to match my new reel!  I was quite a fisherman growing up and in college, but I haven’t been fishing in a few years.  The last time I went was a complete disaster.  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say my old fishing pole is Resting-in-Peace at the bottom of Ensign Lake after I threw it from the canoe in a fit of rage several years ago.

So we spent a morning fishing on Skull Lake in the Boundary Waters.

This next picture is kind of dumb, but I think it’s hilarious because it looks like Mel’s brother doesn’t have a head.

Decapitation, lol.

Here’s our spoils:

I didn’t catch either of them.  Mel and her brother did.

We also went hiking on the Secret – Blackstone – Ennis Lake Trail:

7 thoughts on “Fishing Weekend”

  1. Wah!!!!! I am so jealous! Not so much about the fishing part, but more about the Ely/BWCA part. I miss Ely, I miss Minnesota, I miss you and Melanie and Blayne and Charlene. Needless to say I am going through some separation anxiety.

  2. @katie – you'll just have to come visit. It's only what, a 9 hour drive for you now? Easy!

    @Katie – the in-laws don't hardly attend at all during the summer months. They have permission from the bishop to hold their own services in their living room. So they do that all summer. The next time we're heading up there is probably the 4th of july weekend, but we're going to see the in-laws this Friday when they come down here to drop The Kid off at the airport on his way back to West Point. I'd be happy to pass along a present to them on Friday. Email or call me to coordinate details, or just leave the present on my front porch if that's easiest.

  3. I was in Nashwauk this weekend! We even went to church in Virginia and noticed your in-laws weren't there. We figured they were working, but No! They were spending time with you! Let me know the next time you're going up because I'd like you to take Bethany's graduation present up there for me.

  4. I'm not g oing to be able to do it by Friday because my wee little man is sick. Can I bring it to church on Sunday? You could hold onto it until you see them again. (pretty please!)

  5. @Katie – I guess we missed each other at church this week. We'll see the Bethany this Friday, and we're happy to pass along a gift. Toss the present down into the Midtown Greenway at exactly 5:28:34 PM this afternoon. I will be riding my bicycle past and will leave my backpack open. Hopefully you have good aim. Or you can send me an email and we'll make other arrangements. reubencollins @ gmail

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