Cyclefest 2010: Tour de Taco

Announcing the 2nd Annual Collins Family Cyclefest!

Cyclefest 2010: Tour de Taco will be held on Saturday, July 17th, 2010 (11:00 AM).

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What is it?  Cyclefest 2010: Tour de Taco is a bunch of normal peeps who happen to enjoy 3 things: Bikes, Ice Cream, Tacos.  We meet at a central location in South Minneapolis (Powderhorn Park), then zig-zag on bikes across South Minneapolis stopping at a couple of our favorite locally owned ice-cream and taco joints.  At each stop, we eat ice cream & tacos, chat it up, and take a break.  Then we ride to the next treat.

Who is invited? Anyone! Everyone!  Invite your friends! In a bold move, I’m encouraging my social circles to collide for one day only.  So whether I know you from school, church, the interwebs, or somewhere else, it doesn’t matter.  Hopefully we’ll all meet some new people and make some new friends.

What cycling skill level is required?  Low – the route hasn’t been finalized, yet (see below), but it will probably be about 10 miles or less and involve numerous and lengthy rest stops.  The route will utilize the regional trail network and low-traffic-volume side streets as much as possible.  Families & kids are invited and encouraged.  Even if we’ve never actually met IRL before, you should come anyway!

I’d rather eat sherbet and burritos, is that ok? No.  If you can’t get with the program, stay home. Yes, you can eat or not eat whatever you want at each stop. Also, you can join up with or peel off from the group whenever your belly is full or you find something better to do.

Did you think of the name Tour de Taco all by yourself?  No.  I stole the name from someone else.  I should also give credit to some local ladies named Abby & Erica who host an annual Tour de Ice Cream.  The only original thing I’m doing here is mashing up the two events into one.  But who says we have to be original to eat ice cream and tacos?

How can I help?  There are three ways you can help make Cyclefest 2010: Tour de Taco a success!

1. Show up at Powderhorn Park on July 17th at 11:00 AM with a bike and an appetite!
2. Bring your friends (who should also bring bikes and appetites)!
3. Leave a comment below with suggestions of your favorite locally owned South Minneapolis ice creameries and taquerías.

[EDIT Final Details are here].

15 thoughts on “Cyclefest 2010: Tour de Taco”

  1. For Ice Cream, I know about Izzy's, the Pumphouse, Grand Ole Creamery, that yellow place on Franklin, and Sebastian Joes. What else you got?

    Who makes the best tacos in town?

  2. Pumphouse Creamery and Pepito's would definitely make a good combo – about a block from each other. This is on my calendar.

  3. I'm in, but I'm not promising to eat any ice cream until the end…I'm not sure my delicate stomach could take the abuse of taco followed by ice cream over and over.

  4. @simplysarah – yea that's probably a good idea.

    @Joe – the organizing committee is still open to suggestions about whether tacos or ice cream should be first – or how many stops of each we need.

  5. There are no words that can begin to describe the pain and despair we the Martin children and mom feel at this moment. July 17th we will be in California! O the sadness!
    We have been anticipating and training for the Cyclefest these last months of warm weather. O woe!
    I guess all we can hope for, is that Dently does his thing and we are forced to stay home.
    (David will be there.)

  6. Liberty is great stuff in the tangle town neighborhood wherever we go I am always up for tacos as long as we have no DQ, "keep it local"

  7. We love Pineda Taco on Lake St, but we don't want to influence your itinerary since we have plans starting early afternoon that day. If it works out, we will join you for the first part of the Tour. When are you finalizing the itinerary??

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