Yellow Pages

Uh-oh. It’s Yellow Pages day in my neighborhood. Ed’s not gonna like this. He hates the Yellow Pages more than anyone I know… except for that I don’t really know him.  I just read his blog. You probably should too.

5 comments to Yellow Pages

  • Ren

    Ed's a nice guy. You'd meet him if you stopped being such a hermit. I'm half hermit and I've run into him multiple times.

  • Yeah, I thought the same thing about Ed when I saw the YP bags on my block.

  • When will they stop dropping these enormous wastes of paper at every door in the city three times a year?

    Hey, buddy, ever hear of something called the INTERNET????? It is faster (for me) to find a phone number via google than it is to even find the blasted YP.

    I'll go farther than the CA law — I think YP and all paper phone books should be opt-IN. It would only be delivered to your door if you asked for it!

  • Reuben, I was out of town when Dex hit my 'hood, but Aaron Landry spotted them on my doorstep and took care of them for me. What a guy.

    Let's get out for a run.

  • Ed, I think a run sounds fun. I think you should use your interwebs charisma to coordinate the First Annual Blogger Jogger event – an opportunity for local bloggers to get out and meet each other, go for a jog, and then probably eat bacon.