Sears, Sick, Rain

I went to the mall yesterday – probably a bad decision, I know.  But I needed to buy a new suit.  My old ones are perfectly usable – but only by people with about a 2″ smaller waistline than I’ve got.  So off to Sears I went.  I’ve written before about how I have a pretty good relationship with Sears – we’re both cheap and content with mediocrity.  But last night they really let me down.  I walked out of there with a suit – and it WAS chep, but the pants are pleated.

I KNOW.  Who wears pleated pants anymore, right?  I guess me and everyone else that shops at Sears.  Oh well.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick.  Mel has been sick for the past week and I think she’s successfully passed it on to me – so now I’ll be sick for the next week.

We’ve set a goal to be finished with all fascia/soffit work on the house by the end of May – we’ll have to work quickly to make that deadline, I think.  Especially if it keeps raining.  We’ll see what the weather is like tomorrow.  If it’s not raining, I’ll probably be back up on the ladder.  If not, I’ll probably be in bed.  Hmmm… I kind of hope it rains.

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