Mel gave me a haircut last night.  She’s been cutting my hair for a few years now and she’s pretty good at it.  She first started cutting my hair while I was just coming out of the tail end of my emo-ish phase and I needed a sweet haircut that was short in back and long in front – with side-bangs that I could sweep to the side of my face, but would occasionally cover one of my eyes – just to set the mood in the room a little bit. Like this (this is not a photo of me):

I didn’t like going to SuperGreat-Cuts for my ultra-hottt, custom hair-do. Not that I didn’t think the peeps at SuperGreat-Cuts were qualified.  No doubt they were qualified and eager to work with clients who wanted something out of the ordinary.  It’s mostly that I’m not even sure if you’re allowed to ask for anything other than “boring, generic, business cut” at SuperGreat-Cuts.  Do they even do custom cuts? I don’t even know.  And if they do, it certainly feels like you’re taking advantage of them for the standard $10 rate.

But my days of sweeping side-bangs, black fingernail polish, and women’s jeans are behind me now – something I expect you are all relieved about.  And really, flat ironing my hair every morning just takes way too long (how do you ladies do that every day?  It’s totally nuts!) These days, I am just getting “boring, generic, business cuts.”  I’d gladly just pay the $10 at SuperGreat-Cuts if i could actually just “walk right in” and “sit right down” as the commercials say – but that’s never been my experience.  There’s usually a line to wait in and I feel like what should be a 20-minute haircut experience turns into about 2 hours of waiting around.  Also, I feel the weight of the social pressure to tip my stylist – a practice I struggle with in many industries purely on a theoretical basis.

So Mel continues to cut my hair.  I don’t know if she likes doing it, but she is unable to resist my charm.  She’s getting pretty dang good at it.  I’ve offered to cut hers in return, complete with some sweet, but modest, side-bangs like Hayley from Paramore, but she never takes me up on it.  She just mutters something about being afraid I’ll cut her ear off or something…

Anyway, after combing my hair this morning, I spent a good 10 minutes plucking hair out of my ear – a sure sign of old age.  BOOOOOO.   Oh well, at least I’m not trimming my eyebrows….  yet.

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  • Mormon Bachelor Pad

    Sometimes I get those blond eyebrow stragglers that grow about halfway up my forehead.

    I hate those.


  • Man you look like a hipsterchic now. Great job Mel!

    Bill IRL

  • @MBP – too bad you're not a real person.

    @Bill Roehl – whatevs. I look like a stuffy business suit now. Boring.

  • The Everyday Housewife

    OK. The ear hair thing is really gross. Just wanted to thank you for your thoughts about the "booty" shorts. I think you are right. I should probably keep them around for extra-curricular activities. Sometimes women just need to see things from the male perspective!

  • Are you saying the haircut I gave you isn't ultra-hottt? Well, maybe its just ultra-hott, but thats still pretty good.
    Do any of the other ladies out there cut their men's hair? Do you do it in the kitchen or the bathroom? Kitchen= hair all over in a place you cook. Bathroom= too small so I can't walk all the way around him…
    Also, we should probably talk about the other ways you can repay me… I'm thinking foot rubs should be involved…

  • I thought we already had a repayment plan in place – remember? It includes that topic you told me I'm not allowed to blog about, remember?

  • I cut my husband's hair and my two little boy's hair too. I do it outside when the weather is nice and they can be shirtless and hosed off afterwards. (The hosing off part is my reward.) When it's cold outside, they stand in the bathtub with their shirts off and the hair falls into the bathtub. I just vacuum* out the tub when we're done.

    *please note that the vacuuming part only works if the tub is dry before the haircut.

  • @Katie – hosing people off sounds fun!

  • Uh, new pic required whenever you talk about a hair cut.