Door to Door Mormons

Another installment for my collection of LDS PostSecrets:

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4 comments to Door to Door Mormons

  • Ren

    Thinking about my response when I was first tracted out… "Thanks, I'm saved."

  • That's a cool one.

  • FaithfulLDS

    Interesting… I think how everyone treats other human beings is important. Almost more so those that you don’t agree with, or even despise. As that always says more about “you” than them. You can only control yourself, and the kind of person you are. I always am kind when I turn away religious door to door solicitations, and salesmen. I offer them water, and try to decline politely. They are still making the world a better place, even if I don’t agree with their exact believes. Religions are MORE alike than different.

  • curtis

    I agree. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be nice, and I’m sure being a missionary is really tough. But I’m always leery of engaging with missionaries because I don’t want to be added to a list of contacts.