Do you have any vacations planned?

Huzzah! Another question via formspring! This question comes from wr3n, who blogs at The Waiting Line, tumbles at wr3n, now and zen, and is eagerly awaiting your questions via formspring here.  Ok, here’s her question:

Do you have any vacations planned this year and if so, where are you going?

Ok, good question!  The answer is YES!!!  Here’s what we’ve got planned:

1. We’ll for sure make several trips to Ely to go canoeing around the Boundary Waters (oh, the benefits of having in-laws who run an outfitting business in the BWCA!!!!)

2. We’re going to cycle the Cannon River Trail, & probably a couple other trails this summer, too.  We’re totally into trails & we may even try bicycle camping.  FUN!

3. Madeline Island – Mel has been wanting to go to Madeline Island for a long time, so we’ll check it out this summer.  It’s a sweet island up in Lake Superior that you can only get to by ferry, ice road, or wind sled.  We’ll probably just hang around the island, do some canoeing, kayaking, cycling, and general merry-making.

4.  Kayaking in Greece??????  This is still an open possibility that we’re considering.  It will be expensive, but fun.  We’re still trying to make up our minds if we want to do it.  Anybody been to Greece before?

That about wraps it up. Keep the questions coming, folks!

So readers, what kind of vacations do y’all have planned for the summer???

2 comments to Do you have any vacations planned?

  • I've been to Greece … it's a phenomenal place! You guys HAVE TO GO!!!!

  • Ren

    Lucky! I haven't been north of Duluth. I have a very needy dog who either has to travel with me or be left at my parents, thus all my vacations I end up by way of Nebraska where I drop him off. I hear the boundary waters are incredible.

    I'd say it's a good time to go to Greece as their economy tanked. But then again, is Greece part of the EU? If so, maybe it isn't the bargain I'm imagining.