Bike Ride

Mel an I took a break from our busy weekend schedule to go for a bike ride with some friends.  We hit the Midtown Greenway, Lake Calhoun, the Kenilworth Trail, Cedar lake Trail, Stone Arch Bridge, West River Road, and back down the Greenway.  It was a pretty sweet ride.  Somewhere between 15 and 20 miles – not too far but it adds up quick when you’re riding 70’s model Schwinn Suburbans….  Ok, I know you don’t really want to read about it, so I’ll get to the pics:

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  • I think people would take you more seriously if you were also dressed in skin tight biking outfits.

  • I ordered a bike this week; thought you'd be pleased!

  • @Scott – you're probably right, but then I'd look stupid.

    @Emily – Fantastic!!! What kind of bike did you get????

  • Ren

    I've been on the Kenilworth & Cedar Lake trails. I bought an odometer this weekend so I'm hoping to get that attached soon.

    Um… WHERE ARE YOUR HELMETS?? I know 3 experienced riders involved in accidents in the last month & 1 of those was on a trail, not a street. Safety first, Bucky. 🙂

  • This bike:

    It has multiple speeds, but it's a start, right?

    Also, yes! Helmets!

  • @Emily – that looks like a great bike for be-bopping around town. I'll bet it will be loads of fun to ride. Also, most of my bikes have gears, too. I won't judge.

  • marla

    i love melanie's basket on her bike.

    i also love the picture with the blue blue sky.

    mn is so freaking awesome.

  • @marla – you are correct. MN is freaking awesome.

  • @Katie – I ride by your house twice a day! It must be great living that close to the greenway! I'm only four blocks off the greenway – but you're just a few buildings away! Do you get down onto the greenway very often? It's a great place to hang out/exercise/recreate!

  • Hey, the second picture you posted (with the red brick building) is at my house! Shout next time you go by and you'll probably hear one of us shout back.

  • @Katie – He's one of my favorites! I love seeing all the regulars on the trail every day. Pierced & Bearded Morning Jogger is also one of my favorites – along with Distinctive Walk Lady.

  • The greenway a great perk of my neighborhood, because I don't count all the unfriendly pitbulls and great danes as perks.

    Do you ever see Scantily Clad Rollerskating Man? He's hard to miss.