Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!!!

Today is my Birthday!!! I’m 29 years old!!!!  I had a great time celebrating my birthday with my wife.  Here’s the lowdown on all the loot (what am I, 12 years old?).

Here’s some sweet homemade cards I got:

Get it?  …’cause it’s a hippo???  tee-hee.  Admit it.  It’s funny.  The in-laws bought me a new fishing reel.  This is pretty sweet news for a couple reasons.  First, I tossed my last one to the bottom of Ensign lake in a fit of rage a couple years ago.  Second, it’s made by Shimano, who also happens to make some of my favorite bike parts.  That’s kind of funny… a company that makes bike parts and fishing reels – quite a combo.

Next, my wife gave me a coupon for “One Excellent Bike Ride at Location of [My] Choice with [My] Wife.”

“Wait, this isn’t a real present,” I said.  “You go for bike rides with me whenever I want anyway.”

“Yea, but this one is ‘Excellent.’  That’s the difference,” she replied.

Next, my friends, b+k gave me the complete series of My So-Called Life.  I love me some Jared Leto and Claire Danes.  I can’t wait to re-watch these.

And there was cake.  This is a photo of me trying to blow out the candles.  I look stupid because it’s hard to blow when you’re smiling.  And I’m all grins.  Awkward grins, mind you, but grins.

My great sister sent me a great old bike ad.  I’m still doing some online research to try and figure out exactly what it’s advertising, but it’s pretty rad.  We’re going to frame it and hang it prominently in our hallway.

Finally, Mel gave me some extraordinary hand-crafted bike bags.  Check them out – some sweet saddle bag panniers, a new bike rack, and an awesome handlebar bag!!!!!  These bags are hand-crafted by my awesomely creative wife.  The bags were inspired by Acorn Bags, but the designs are entirely Mel’s.  We’ve already made plans to use the bags on our ride to Willow Falls this summer.

This is why we’re lovers (gag):

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!!!”

  1. Those bags are awesome! I was thinking for a second that we failed to match the bicycle theme of gifts, but then I remembered that there are a few episodes where Angela uses Brian Krakow's bike.

  2. Happy Birthday Reuben!! But wait, it really isn't over yet. There is another surprise waiting for you next time you visit Ely.

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