More Fun With Fascia

As always, I’ve spent the best part of my weekend kludging my way through home repairs…  last time I wrote about it, the corner of my house looked like this:

Then, with that gaping hole on the side of my house, it rained for a week straight.  I finally got some good weather today, so I finished up all the woodworking on this side of the house.  First, I had to cut a curved piece of fascia:

Sorry you can’t really see it very well from this angle… I cut the curved fascia pieces from a 1×12… I pretty much just had to free-hand the curve.  It was a lot of this: climb up the ladder, hold it in place, mark where it needed to be trimmed, climb down the ladder, walk to the garage, trim, walk back to the ladder – and then repeat all that about 30 times.  Anyway, here’s the end product all caulked & ready for painting:

I tried really hard to find a way to make that crown molding wrap around that curve without having to splice it into several pieces… but it just wasn’t going to happen… I couldn’t do it.  I know you’re all disappointed in me, and will blast me in the comments.  That’s ok.  Go ahead.  Blast me.  I don’t need your approval:

(original source unknown)
Oh, also, I tore into two other corners on the house and guess what I found?????  BIRDS NESTS!!!!  Surprised???  No?  Me neither:

Anyway, that’s it for now….

4 thoughts on “More Fun With Fascia”

  1. Dang, so much work! I think the end result was fine.

    Having done all these home repairs and knowing the ones which remain to be tackled, were you to buy another older home in the future would you use your experience/knowledge to demand more repairs and/or negotiate a lowered price?

  2. @Ren – Thanks for not being a Hater. WHEN I buy another home (an inevitability if the family ever starts growing), I feel like I will be a much more informed buyer. I've really learned a lot over the past couple years. And I don't really mean in terms of technical know-how knowledge, I'm talking about learning about my own skills & limitations. I feel like I have a much better understanding of what sorts of projects I'm capable of, what I'm not capable of, and what sorts of deficiencies I can easily correct with a little work. Yes, I think I've learned the value of hiring a good home inspector to be looking out for your best interests while buying – money well spent, I think. I will def try to use my skills to negotiate a lower price. And a few features in my own house that I will definitely try to avoid in future houses. I sure as hell am never buying another house with FLARED EAVES, for example.

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