More (Boring) Pictures of my Fascia Project

Are you guys tired of reading about my fascia project, yet?  Because I’m tired of working on it.  Seriously.  I really want this project to be done by the end of May so that it doesn’t ruin my entire summer.  Ok, so here’s the pics.  Mel was my first assistant:

Here’s a before shot:

Notice the wire mesh and spray foam keeping squirrels out of the attic.  It’s pretty classy, I know.  So I pulled the fascia off and guess what I found???  A Bird’s Nest!!!

So I replaced the faschia but forgot to take a photo. Sorry.  Next up was the fascia on my eave return:

Surprise!!!  Another Bird’s Nest!!!!  Boy, big surprise, huh?  Also, notice the wire mesh.  This project will be a success if I am no longer relying on wire mesh to keep birds and squirrels out of the attic.

Once i’m finished vacuuming that garbage out of my eave return, I take a peek inside.  Squirrel damage!!!!  No, it’s not supposed to look like this… this is probably years worth of squirrel damage.  This is why it is critical to keep squirrels out of the attic space.  They chew/scratch everything:

And more rotten wood:

Here’s what it looks like after a day’s work:  I’m still not sure how I’m going to handle that curving roofline….



5 thoughts on “More (Boring) Pictures of my Fascia Project”

  1. More like DIY pointless stupidity. Seriously.. I'm putting a lot of work into this project, and it's still gonna be pretty mediocre when I'm done. Some days I just want to rip the entire siding off my house and start over….

  2. Just think about how much the next owner of your home is going to appreciate all the work you did, and how much value you're adding to your home. Yeah right, huh?

    Those squirrels do make a nasty mess.

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