Taxes, Wells Fargo, & a Thong

Well, I guess I had a little problem with the old taxes.  My stamp may be good “forever”, but it ain’t enough to send in my taxes.  I’m $0.17 short, apparently.  The Post Office annoys me.  Big time.

In fact, I had a few annoying things happen to me yesterday.  Earlier in the day, before I came home and discovered that the Post Office had decided to punch me in the gut, I was attempting to buy myself lunch with a debit card.  DECLINED.

“Oh, that’s weird.  mumble, mumble, bumble, bumble. Let’s try the credit card.”


I thought I was going to have to go without lunch, but Lunchlady Kim just started a tab for me and told me I could pay her whenever.  But after I ate lunch I called Wells Fargo and gave them a piece of my mind.  Apparently, for whatever reason, my account was flagged as having a high-fraud potential.  The lady from Wells Fargo tried to convince me that it was the Deli’s fault – that THEY were the high-fraud potential.  I didn’t believe her.  She sounded like she was making it up.  Anyway, I appreciate that Wells Fargo is attempting to keep me safe from fraud.  Yes.  I do appreciate that.  But this is the third time something like this has happened to me.

What I DON’T appreciate, is that their general strategy is to just discontinue all my credit and debit cards without notifying me, assuming I’ll figure it out the next time I’m standing in line trying to buy something and Lunchlady Kim informs me that my cards are all declined.  It makes me look like an idiot.  I would really appreciate Wells Fargo giving me a heads up about this sort of thing, but I guess they can’t be bothered to do so.

Later that evening, I was expressing this same sentiment to my wife and I said, “Mel, do you know what really chaps my ass?”

“That leather thong you’re always wearing?”


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  • You know what wive's job is…

    Sorry about Wells Fargo. I somehow feel responsible, even though a)not working there anymore b)never worked for the bank anyway and c) I wouldn't have ever had a say about any policies…

  • I don't understand with all of the technology we have available that the bank can't text you or something when this type of thing goes down. I keep trying to convince Wells Fargo to send me warning texts when I am about to overdraft.

  • @Tuittu – it's kind of your fault.

    @Tacy – WORD. text, phone call, email… ANYTHING

  • Nice one, Mel!
    I think stamp prices go up at least every two months these days. Every time I buy stamps they cost more than the last time.

  • You make me laugh. Also, I had that happen to me before (the credit/debit card situation, not the leather thong)… I was using Bank of America at that time and had left El Paso, Texas on a flight en route to Denver, Colorado. If there was a time to need food, I needed it then. The lady felt so bad for me she gave me the food for free.

    (P.S. They didn't notify me either. Like you said, apparently they were too busy declining cards to call and notify the person of the problem.)

  • Ren

    People complain about WF on FB and the Twitters all the time. Lots of random holds on direct deposits, declined transactions, even holds on CASH deposits. Sounds like it's time for a new bank.

  • @Ren – if Franklin Bank had ATM's everywhere, I'd be there in a flash.

  • Tara

    That's too funny! Good thing you've got Melanie around to lighten the mood, she's so witty.

  • I took my wifes AMEX on a trip to California last week and used it to fill up with gas in a shady part of town. They called her to check if it was her using the card or if it had been stolen. They have actually called several times to check on charges like when I filled up my brothers truck and Bobcat with diesel and it took three tries because the pump keep maxing out( there was like a $75 max allowable charge or something wierd) At least they let me use it then call to check.

  • Do you still have that same leather thong you used to wear around the apartment?

  • first off, i love your wife. second, once when i was in line at wendy's with my two kids, i had just ordered & went to use my card: declined. so i went to write a check: sorry, don't accept checks. (checks are so underrated) so this guy was all, "what's the problem? oh here, i'll buy your lunch". ummmm, what? random, but generous. like i didn't already feel like an enormous ass. this guy had to make it worse: i looked like a single teenage mom of two, who couldn't afford jr bacon cheeseburgers. and to make it even worse, he tried soooo hard to let me know he was doing it out of the kindness of his heart & that he was in no way hitting on me. he probably said the words "my wife" about 50 times in the sentence, "here, i'll buy your lunch". i was thankful to know there are still generous people but man, i just wanted to hide.