Podcasts: What Are You Listening To?

A friend of mine over on dailymile asked me what podcasts I like to listen to while I run.  I listen to a lot of podcasts while running and cycling, and also every night while I fall asleep.  I thought I’d make a list here of the podcasts I listen to that are worth recommending.  I listen to a few that aren’t on this list as well, but they haven’t impressed me enough for me to recommend them yet.  Here’s the deal, though, ok?  If you read this list, you have to tell me what you’re listening to as well, ok? Deal?

Here are my favorites:
This American Life
Mormon Stories

You Look Nice Today

I’ve linked you to the podcast home pages, but really I just subscribe via itunes.  I’d never even been to most of these pages before.

so…. what are YOU listening to?

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  • Great list. I'd add:

    The Story: http://thestory.org/
    Fresh Air: http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast/podcast_detail.php?siteId=7060034

    I listen to a lot of podcasts while running. And on planes.

  • Andrew Guzman

    Can't have Fresh Air and This American Life without Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and Planet Money in there as well. NPR FTW

    Glad to see you stuck with You Look Nice Today. That's the only consistently funny podcast I've found (until recently) although it's hard to understand at first.

    I've started listening to one called The Nerdist which is great – they have a different comedian on every week and just sort of "talk shop"… comedian shop. It's pretty good.

    Outside of NPR and funny stuff, I listen to a lot of tech and nerdy podcasts. This Week In Tech/Google, MacBreak, Mac Power Users, and This Week in Photography.

    I haven't had as much podcast time lately though so I'm pretty behind on everything. I do make room for The Nerdist every week though.

  • Ren

    You must check out "A Way With Words". I think you'd like it.

    My overlap with yours: TAL, Radiolab, Mormon Stories, The Moth

    APM: Speaking of Faith
    APM: The Story
    Mormon Expression
    Slate Magazine Daily Podcast
    The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat
    Leard to Meditate

  • Air Out My Shorts and Soccergirl, Inc. are the two that I regularly listen to but I tend to bank up a whole pile of podcasts and listen to them as I drink beer on my patio and escape from the world for a few minutes.

  • On the Media
    NY Times Business Week (yeah, I'm an econ major)
    The Economist
    All Songs Considered

    I've dabbled with Mormon Stories and the Skeptic's Society podcast.

  • The Story
    Story Corps
    Talk of the Nation
    Fresh Air
    This American Life
    The Moth
    Radio Lab
    Wait, Wait
    Radio Diaries

  • Adam Carolla (die hard fan)

  • This is some good suggestions, folks! It's gonna take me a couple months to try all these out.

  • Yeah, like Ren, I was going to say that if you like Mormon Stories, you might try Mormon Expression. They won a Brodie!

  • Yea, I'm an avid Mormon Expression listener as well. I enjoy their stuff, it just didn't make the list of podcasts I'd suggest to others. It's got nothin' on Mormon Stories. In the mormon category, I also listen to the BCC Zeitcast (mostly ramblings and inside jokes I'm not in on), Mormon Miscellaneous (Great info, but Van's delivery is old-school and puts me to sleep), and Heart of the Matter (McCraney has some interesting theories, but his info is unreliable and the "born again" thing doesn't really speak to me).