Old Shingles vs New Shingles

Ok, I just blew your minds with my fascia project yesterday.  I got some shingles on the thing this evening.  Let’s review what it looked like before:

Notice the nails directly through the top of the shingles (naughty, naughty).  Now here’s the new ones:

I tried to add a fancy piece of flashing, but it didn’t really work that well.  I couldn’t get the flashing up behind the siding without removing the siding, and couldn’t wrap it around the corners of the dormer the way I would have liked to, either.  So I just went with Plan B and squirted tons of caulk all over everything.  Oh well.  It’s better than it was when I started – there’s no more nails through the top of the shingles.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The best part about owning an old, rotting house is that you can do some pretty mediocre handiwork and it still turns out better than when you started.  Next step: add some trim, prime, paint, drip edge, re-hang the gutters.

Then do it all over again on the other side.

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