Merry Easter

Greetings!  It’s Easter, and I’m celebrating the resurrection by stuffing myself full of candy (but it’s ok because I’m balancing it out with diet sodas to make sure it’s healthy).  Mel and I are spending the holidays up north near Ely, MN, with the in-laws.

This being a religious holiday and all, I’ve been spending the whole weekend feeling like I should be watching what Mormons call General Conference – a semi-annual, worldwide broadcast from Salt Lake City.  Two weekends each year, the leaders of the Mormon church broadcast 10 hours of religious sermons.  Any good Mormon is watching, possibly taking notes.

If you’ve never seen a Mormon General Conference, it’s a pretty unique happening.  The sermons are delivered primarily by men aged 70+, all wearing identical black suits.  The sermons are all scripted and read from tele-prompters.  Tradition within the Mormon church mandates that the speakers be as boring serious as possible out of respect for the serious subject matter.  The sermons always have a powerful impact on those who listen.  In fact, out of the three other people in the room with me right now, two of them are asleep engaged in deep pondering and meditation.  As the leaders speak, we marvel at how extraordinarily old wise they are.  This is powerful stuff, y’all.

One thing is certain, however:  I want to be whoever owns the contract to sell suits to these guys.  You only need to stock one style, one color, just different sizes.  Also, these guys wear suits everywhere, so I’ll bet they buy a lot of them.  Check out Thomas S. Monson, the current President of the Mormon Church, at a Utah Jazz game in a suit.  He’s a little over-dressed, no doubt about it.  But I guess the church leaders are worried that people would go nuts or something if they saw leaders of the church wearing anything other than a black suit, so the guy wears a suit to a basketball game:

(photo by Danny Chan La, Deseret News)

But here I am about to blow your minds, readers.  On his off-time, he takes off the tie and suit jacket and shows off his short-sleeve collared shirt.  Also, apparently, the dude likes pigeons:

(photo by Ravell Call, Deseret News)

11 comments to Merry Easter

  • Hey, some of those guys are only in their 60's and Uchtdorf wore a blue suit. This morning's session is the first time in years I've made it through a session without sleeping. Probably because I'm busy on my laptop….

  • Ok, I agree that Conference isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but I love it! We have to play Bingo to make sure we pay attention and don't doze off. I admit that I may let my mind wander a bit sometimes, but only because I know I'm going to be reading all the talks again and studying them in great detail in a few weeks.

    Suits definitely owe some gratitude to the Mormons. No other "people" rock them as much, even lawyers! 🙂

    Conference is cool because, when you really think about it, we have the opportunity to know exactly what the mind and will of the Lord is, right now. What a peace that comes from that.

  • Haa haa! I always try to watch them all and always fail after 1, 2 or 3. Never actually seen 4 meetings. I blame attention span – and it's clearly my problem and the problem of many others in this day and age… I can get all spiritual during the first and even second meeting, but after that it becomes a struggle.

    We're trying out GC traditions that should be set. So far the best is to have an overdose on good sugary things. Like Pavlovs dogs, we will be conditioned to thing GC is cool since that is the time of cakes…

  • @Michael – laptop FTW! You're right, some of them are in their 60's.

    @Hizzeather – GC Bingo! I've never played, but I'll bet it's helpful.

    @Tuittu – I'm not sure I've ever seen all four sessions either, other than while I was a missionary. And then watching GC was WAY cooler than tracting. GC="time of cakes"… I like it.

  • It is so though to make it though a session butt I did the sun morning knowing there was food after. I do not take notes and when asked what was your favorite part, I just I have to study it futher

  • @Live – sounds like a good strategy. Food is an incredible motivator.

  • Looks like Sister Monson is enjoying the game.

  • @Alex – HA HA. I know! Doesn't look like much of a basketball fan.

  • I like the fact that the girl behind Sister M. is texting her friends, "OMG I'm right behind the prophet!"

  • he looks like a totally different guy! like, a human guy! that is amazing what a suit will do to a person. if you hadn't said that that was him and i saw the picture elsewhere i probably would have just thought he looked as though he could be monson's bro!

  • dude behind the prophet is thinking he'd rather be doing bong hits.