Mel and I are nerds. Exhibit A:


Mel and I had a few spare hours of daylight left Friday evening, so we went over to Sibley Field Park to find our first geocache of the year.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been geocaching – I don’t think we went at all last summer.  I think we’d go more often if we weren’t using a GPS manufactured over a decade ago.  We feel like total dorks going geocaching, but it’s a great excuse to get out and about and explore new places you’ve never seen before.  Sibley Field Park is only about 10 blocks from our house, but we’ve never been before.

Also, we know that posting a photo of ourselves holding the cache and pointing to the hiding spot is frowned upon in the geocaching community.  Y’all nerds are just gonna have to get over it.

Ever been geocaching????

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  • Andrew Guzman

    Cal, Donette, Briana, and I found a couple in Elko this winter. I keep forgetting to post the pictures I took of the adventure.

    It seems really nerdy, but I thought it was pretty fun.

    Well… I guess it is pretty nerdy.

    I have and iPhone app that helps you find them, and when I drive between Reno and Elko I try and check out at least one cache on I-80.

  • It's def nerdy, but also fun because it encourages you to visit places you wouldn't have otherwise been.

  • Yesterday three friends of mine and I biked 18 miles of the Gateway Trail from St Paul to White Bear Lake and found nearly 50 caches.

    We hit the trail at about 7:20 AM and were done by 1:30 PM and that included a stop for a nice breakfast at Century Ave and 36.

    Here's a list of the caches along the Gateway to get you started:

    While we have taken many trips, some through numerous states in one weekend, we had never done any caching by bike. Definitely a fun time and one I'm sure that you would also love!

  • I've been before and I'd like to go again… My husband doesn't think it's as fun as I do, though. 🙂