Garage Extensions

Some friends of mine recently finished a project around their house where they removed an awkward extension hanging off the front of their garage.  The extension had been added at some point to their older garage, apparently, just to make the garage a little bit longer because new cars are longer than old cars (my friends drive a small car, so they didn’t need the extra room).

It got me thinking about a bunch of little bump-outs or extensions a lot of the garages in my neighborhood have that I’m guessing are for the same purpose.  Maybe y’all can help me out and help me know if I’m on the right track.  Here’s a bunch of photos, all of which are within one block of my house.  In all the photos, you’re looking at a super-old garage, and an awkward extension that has been added to the garage at a later date.

That last one is a little different… the whole garage is buried in the ground a little bit, so most of the extension is underground.  What do you think readers?  What is the purpose of these little extensions?  Am I right in thinking that these were constructed because people just needed an extra 2′ of space in the garage for the nose of their new cars?

6 comments to Garage Extensions

  • Kat

    i'll be keeping a look out for these extensions now too. I actually hadn't noticed any besides our own. My guess would be that it is for extra space to park cars, although I think there are a few people in our neighborhood with their washing machines in the garage, so maybe some people build extensions for their appliances. Not likely though.

    Our car is small, but our neighbor just drives an average size sedan and his car fits just fine in his garage that is the same size as ours is now. That makes me wonder what kind of cars people are driving that are long enough to need that extension and if that will be a problem when we need to sell our house.

  • Moe

    I don't think I've ever seen a bump out in the back of a garage, but my alley has two garages with an extension added to the front, for the extra space.

  • Ren

    Another post that begs the question why haven't your neighbors called the po-po on you, Mr. Architecture Peeper.

  • @kat – I blame it on the 70's. Those were some looooong cars

    @Moe – strange – my neighborhood has all sorts of these backside extensions, but I never see any front extensions…

    @Ren – I peep where I want and you can't do nothin' about it!

  • You're right on. These extensions were added for longer cars. Classy.

  • Sarah

    What an interesting observation! I have not seen these before! But then again, I haven't lived in any neighborhoods with very old homes. Cool stuff. I will be peepin' with ya now!