Garage Break-in

I was just woken up by a MPLS police officer telling me that they had just caught someone breaking into my garage. YIKES.  The guys big haul?  About 4 dozen empty soda cans.  The police officers said that one of my neighbors called the police.  Thanks, whoever you are.

Which brings me to my next point: I am a heavy sleeper.  I would sleep right through someone breaking into my garage.  I probably would have slept right through the police officer ringing my doorbell and knocking loudly on the front door as well if my wife hadn’t woken me up.  I’d sleep through pretty much anything.  And that’s usually really nice.

I think that if I wasn’t sleeping through everything, I’d be a really great neighbor.  I’m totally into looking out for my neighbors, investigating strange noises, and calling 911 at the drop of a hat if I see something suspicious.  But I should probably let my neighbors know: you’re on your own, because I sleep through everything.

I’m still trying to figure out how the guy got into the garage.  He had somehow disengaged the automatic opener mechanism so that the overhead door would just manually lift open.  Usually, you disengage this by pulling a little cord from inside the garage.  So how’d he pull the cord if he wasn’t already in the garage?  Maybe he came in through the back door and pulled it (though there are no signs of entry on the back door…).  Or maybe he just sort of yanked up on the overhead door enough to yank the thing loose???  I dunno.  I tried yanking up on it and couldn’t get it to disengage, but I’m also not a burglar, so maybe I just don’t have the skillz.

Anyway, it’s too bad…. I love my neighborhood but it frustrates me sometimes.

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  • Joe

    I don't think we live too far from you Reuben, and someone broke into our house in broad daylight a couple years back while my wife was home. They just took a couple of iPods and ran out, but it was extremely unnerving. We love the neighborhood, but this petty crime stuff is pretty annoying – and at times intimidating.

    Hopefully you're not too shook up about it – and if you are, hope you feel better soon!

  • Kat

    Yikes..that makes me nervous. That's nice that you have vigilant neighbors. I'm pretty sure our neighborhood is about 98% senior citizens that are asleep by 7:00 pm, so we are on our own.

  • @Joe – yikes that would be intimidating. Some things are just really frustrating. One time when my wife first moved into the neighborhood in 2006 she made the rookie mistake of leaving the alley-facing garage door open while she mowed the back lawn. Someone stole her bike in broad daylight. I assume you're aware of John Hoff and his efforts on the north side? He kind of bugs me overall.. but when people start breaking into my garage, his hands-on-pain-in-the-ass methods start to seem a little more reasonable…

  • @kat – sounds like you're totally screwed! nah. just kidding. I think your neighborhood tends to have fewer issues than ours, but I guess it can happen anywhere.

  • Ren

    Ugh, that is so unnerving! Regardless of what material goods thieves take, it's the peace of mind you lose that costs the most.

    Despite your comatose sleeping, don't sell yourself short as a neighborhood watch person. You never know what skullduggery you'll thwart when you're out stalking your neighbors' architectural endeavors.

  • A garage door opener can be disengaged by lifting up and down on the door hard and fast this will trigger the assembly