Frog Mosaic

A couple years ago, I wrote a pretty gushy post about why I like my wife so much.  It’s because she’s always building & creating things.  Here’s another example of how talented she is.  She finished this project last fall, but I never got around to posting about it because I’m lazy.  Here’s Mel with this totally sweet tile mosaic she made on top of this old concrete table in our backyard:

Isn’t it phenomenal? I think Mel is really the bees knees.  She transformed an ugly old table that we were just going to throw away into a totally sweet mosaic!!!!

6 comments to Frog Mosaic

  • That is so cool!!!

    I've always wanted to make a mosaic table top like that. And I love frogs! 😀

  • Well, that would be the star of any patio! Really nice job, Mel.

  • That's the one we were carrying around, right? Fantastic!

  • @C.L. Hanson
    @Josh – I've got a bitchin' wife.

    @Tuittu – Yes, that's the one. The 500 lb. behemoth hasn't moved an inch since you saw it last.

  • Yes, that is pretty darn amazing! Creating a round mosaic (and doing it well!) seems to be quite challenging. She is definitely very talented.

    Side note: How much did it cost?

  • Thanks for the nice comments everyone! I have to confess that the design isn't totally original as I'd seen the frog mosaic image and just sort of copied that part of it…

    @Sassy- Thanks! I used as a great resource for how tos, tile calculators, as well as buying the supplies. I think I spent about $100 total (including the hand tools), but better planning could have reduced that a little as I ended up ordering colors I never used and then being short on some others and needing some more grout, which I just picked up at Michaels which was a lot more expensive than online.