dailymile and the Principle of Validation

Some of you have probably noticed the dailymile widget over there on the right sidebar.  I’ve been using dailymile since January as a way to track my running mileage.  Dailymile is a web-based application that allows you to store your running info, and it also incorporates some social networking stuff, too.  When I signed up, I was only looking for the database capabilities and wasn’t interested in the social networking aspects of the site.

But then something funny happened…. Out of the blue, some lady from Bloomington named Renee B. left a comment on one of my runs that said something like “Hey, great run!  Nice pace!”

Who? Me?  Oh! Well thank you!  That’s so nice of you to say.

A couple hours later, her husband David B. left a similar comment.

Well thank you again!  That sure makes me feel good.

Every few days, these same two peeps would leave me a supportive comment that would buoy my spirits and tell me how awesome I am.  At first, I suspected they were swingers and that dailymile was actually a front for a bizarre partner-swap thing.  But then I decided that was very unlikely.  Then I thought that maybe they weren’t real, or that they were dailymile employees or something.

“You guys sure are supportive.  Do you guys work for dailymile or something?”  I asked them one day.

Turns out, y’all, they’re just nice people.  Who would have thought?  Not only did they not get offended at my question, they went out and recruited a half-dozen of their friends to also be my dailymile friends.  Now, a couple times a week, I’ll get a pleasant message from Renee, David, Jeni, Heidi, or Kristen telling me how awesome my training is coming along and giving me some encouragement to keep running.

Speaking of which, have y’all seen this video???  It’s about 10 minutes longer than it needs to be, but the message is fantastic.

4 comments to dailymile and the Principle of Validation

  • Dude in the video reminds me of you–the hairy one, not the other one.

    BTW, you're my hero.

    — Bill IRL

  • Thanks, Bill. you sure know how to make a guy feel like a king.

  • Reuben, thanks for tipping me off to daymile, I've recently (re) taken up running and was looking for a good way to track my progress. I'm debating between this and an android app that uses gps to track my stats… too bad there's not a combo deal.

    Also, thanks for sharing the video, best 15 minutes of my day.

  • @James – glad you liked the vid. good luck on the running.