New Blog Name? You Decide.

Readers!  Help me decide if I need a new blog name!  A couple weeks ago, Bill Roehl and I had an IRL bike maintenance session, and he asked me why the blog was called “SingleSpeed.”  I didn’t have a good answer, so I’ve been wondering if a change is in order.  The more I think about it, the more I think SingleSpeed is a stupid name for this blog.  Here’s a little bit of the back-story about how I ended up with the current blog name:

I first started blogging at MySpace back in like 2004, but posts were sporadic and stupid.  Sometime in 2007, I moved over to the current address.  By the end of 2007, however, I was desiring more internet anonymity, so I migrated the blog over to, where the blog was also titled Roobasaurus Rex – a name inspired by my 2007 Halloween costume.  In hindsight, that name was kind of funny – maybe even clever. At the same time, I became moderately active in discussions on other blogs where I felt it was best for me to use a pseudonym – and the name SingleSpeed seemed appropriate since I was totally into riding singlespeed bicycles at the time.   By July of 2008, I wasn’t happy with the type of posts anonymity allowed me to write, so I migrated back to the current address. Lacking the creativity to figure out a better name, the name of the blog defaulted to SingleSpeed.

However, adept readers will notice that this blog isn’t about singlespeeds.  Occasionally I mention them, but not very much.  The name SingleSpeed doesn’t match the blog content.  Also, it’s always awkward when the blog title doesn’t match the URL (i.e. Blog Title should correspond with  So I’m wondering if I should coordinate some of this stuff.  Seeing as how the url is just my name, it would make sense to have a blog title that somehow incorporated my name… or else I could move the blog to a new URL….AGAIN…(sigh)

What do you think a good name for the blog would be?  Here are some of my ideas:

ReubensCube (get it? like Rubik’s Cube?)
Don’t be Such a Rube
Rube with a View
Reuben’s Totally Awesome Blog

OK, let’s hear some of your ideas.  List them in the comments.  Also comment if you think I should do nothing.

oh, also, some of you will remember that I also have this blog that probably won’t ever get updated again until we have a baby or something (no, not an announcement…).

NOTE: The inside cover of my bible has the name Ooben Dooben Reuben Collins scrawled across it from when I was like 8 or something.  It makes me laugh.  If I was 8, that would TOTALLY be the name of this blog.

9 thoughts on “New Blog Name? You Decide.”

  1. My brilliant ideas…

    Reuben's Ruminations

    Rare Male Blogger 🙂

    Minnesotan's say Pop instead of Soda {ha ha ha ha…so lame, but it cracked me up!}


    I wish you could hear me laughing at myself right now…I think I'm so funny.

    Good luck…choosing a blog name is hard. That's why I have my ghetto name. 🙂 You can change your url, ya know. But you have to inform everyone and that's such a pain in the neck. My original title was, "Oh, the 'C' is silent!" {My fave line from Billy Madison} You can see why I am actually no help on this topic.

    I just re-read my submissions and cracked myself up again! I need to go to bed…

  2. I think keeping the old name is fine. I never think of bikes seeing it – I think you go single speed from one adventure to another (and that single speed is pretty fast).

  3. I love the title of your blog. I think it's creative and don't agree with those who suggest that a title needs to match the blog URL (although that helps sometimes). SingleSpeed is indicative of your interest in biking and specifically represents your past interest. I say keep it. And be proud of it. Blog titles don't always have to match blog content. e.g. My blog's URL is and its title is "Der Wenigste Blog der Welt." Definitely not the same, nor does it refer to the content.

    P.S. I agree with Tuittu.

  4. Single speed makes sense with your strange love of old crappy bikes, but what about the unpeeled cucumbers? They all suck not just the unpeeled kind.

  5. I say keep the name Single Speed.

    If you want it to match your content try, "I'm not really the neighborhood perv, I just like residential architecture."

  6. Hi, Reuben! How about 'Country-Fried Rube' after a line from the Simpsons. Reading your list reminded me of the phrase from one of their episodes. Perhaps you can work 'Leather Thong' into a name somehow. But actually, I agree with some of the others – keep SingleSpeed. The name has relevance and legacy.

  7. ha ha ha
    ok i love the rube with a view
    and Roobasaurus Rex
    i don't think any name really explains any blog fully — so pick one you like and that's it.
    i like your blog because it's all over the board.

    also, this kid in my ward when i was growing up decided to be wicked when he was getting his scriptures engraved and when his parents weren't looking his put on it
    "Matthew Monkeys Larson" because he loved monkeys so much. that always makes me crack up.

    so i tried to be funny, except when i was grown up, and i put muppets as the middle name on my scriptures but i just feel silly because people ask me if that's a family name because they don't want to make fun of me.


  8. Ok, peeps, thanks for the input. It looks like I'll be keeping SingleSpeed for a while. But I've got to think of a public education campaign… It's one word, but two capitals "SingleSpeed" Maybe I'll experiment with some sort of revolving subtitle. I can't leave stuff about cucumbers in my title block forever. Some of my readers have confided that the shape of cucumbers makes them a little bit uncomfortable.

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