Taxes & Bacon Envelopes

I finished up my taxes this evening and I’m pretty excited about it.  This is a lot later than I usually file.  Usually I’m done spending my tax return by the end of February.  I guess I’m just lazy this year.

My usual strategy for filing taxes is to use two or three different online tax preparation thingys, and then I e-file whichever one gives me the biggest return.  Yea, I know.. it shouldn’t matter which one I use, it should turn out the same regardless.  Except for that it doesn’t.  This was especially true while I was still in college and some preparers found creative ways to get me more tuition deductions than others – probably illegally.  But I don’t know the difference, and I’m comfortable arguing that I don’t know the difference if I’m ever audited – since it would be the truth and all…

Anyway, I only filled out one online return this year, and I’m not very happy about it.  My federal return was way smaller than last year.  And Oh My Gravy the State of Minnesota thinks I owe them $15.  And wouldn’t you know it, but TaxACT wouldn’t let me e-file since I owed them money.  They made me print it out and MAIL my Minnesota Taxes.  Yea.  MAIL.  ON PAPER.  What is this? 2006????

Here’s the kicker:  Apparently, you have to mail the completed tax forms to one address, but you have to mail the $15 to another address.  Seriously?  It takes two letters?

I guess it’s kind of like the census.  They sent me a letter telling me they were going to send me the census.  Then they sent me the census.  Then they sent me a letter telling me that they just sent me the census.  Then they sent me the census again, even though I had completed and returned the last one.

Oh well.  At least it gave me a chance to use my bacon envelopes:

Jess sent me some bacon envelopes a while back when I blew her mind with my popchips haiku.  I can confirm, the glue tastes like bacon when you lick it.  Or at least it tastes like bacon covered with glue.

6 thoughts on “Taxes & Bacon Envelopes”

  1. Nice… If I had bacon envelopes, I would also send my taxes in them.

    By the way, when I owed money, I was able to just pay it online rather than via snail mail. Interesting. Maybe Minnesota will catch up someday!

  2. @Sassy Sarah – well, ok. I'll come clean…. there IS an option to pay online… but I'd still have to mail the actual tax forms in. Since I was already mailing one letter, I decided to just mail two.

  3. You understand, of course, that by displaying your handwriting, you've put yourself at risk for identity theft. You probably thought that by omitting your return address you'd be safe, but I'm sure there's an iphone ap that links handwriting to family trusts, offshore banking accounts, and combinations for gym lockers.

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