Shimano SIS

I spent a good hour this evening scrubbing this Shimano SIS rear derailleur down.  Have you ever seen such a shiny derailleur before (i mean, other than new ones….)?  Nope.  Me neither.  This baby is sparkling.  I wish I would have taken a before photo.  It was a big, dirrrrty ball of grease.

OK, now all you biking nerds out there are thinking, “Reuben, this is a model RD-TY20 – one of the cheapest Shimano derailleurs ever built.  Even the cheapest modern derailleurs are WAY better than this old relic.  Why would you bother cleaning the thing?  Why didn’t you just replace it?”

Well, partly because I kind of like cleaning derailleurs, and partly because I don’t agree that modern ones are necessarily better (the design of new derailleurs is clearly better, but the materials are cheaper…).  But mostly because I promised this kid from church that I’d build him a bike.  I’m donating my time and labor, but charging for parts.  I could have just replaced it and passed the cost of a new derailleur on, but I think this one will do the trick for several more years.  A little bit of elbow grease saved the kid $20.

Of course, it IS the same kid that told me on a weekly basis that he didn’t like my beard, so maybe I should have just passed the $20 on and called it even….

5 thoughts on “Shimano SIS”

    1. Karl, I’m not sure if this is a real question or if you’re yanking my chain (nice pun, huh?), but the derailleur is attached to the bike with a single screw. In this photo, it’s the screw on the top left side of the derailleur. After you screw it on (doesn’t need to be terribly tight), it will still be able to swivel back and forth a bit until you put the rear wheel back on the bike. The nuts or quickrelease that holds the rear wheel onto the bike also clamp down on the derailleur, which is what really holds it in place. Good luck.

  1. Hahaha yeah sorry, I was being a bit stupid! Just didn’t pay attention to how it was fastened on before taking it off. I got it on just after sending the first message! 🙂 I’ve sprayed the girlfriends old Raleigh pure white. I don’t think it’ll stay that way for long!?! :/

  2. Do you know, and can you pls share with me. what type of dang cables did you use? I’m working on a Peugeot UO 18 and with so many choices and not a lot of $ I don’t know what to pick.

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