Sharing the Easter Message with Others

The most timeless of Easter traditions is the thoughtful giving of sugary treats to loved ones.  It is always a joy to receive treats on Easter.

The second-most timeless of Easter traditions is the day after Easter when everyone brings those sugary treats to work and leaves them in the lunchroom, hoping that someone else will eat them – hoping that they disappear by the end of the day.

Sometimes we pretend like we’re doing our coworkers a favor by giving them treats, but everyone knows we’re just more comfortable sabotaging someone else’s diet than our own.  Everyone knows that we’re just hoping that someone else at the office has even less self-control than we do.

5 thoughts on “Sharing the Easter Message with Others”

  1. I know this is totally not related to this post, but I thought of you on Thursday night on my run. I was running along the trails around Rice Creek Park and there were many, many messages scrawled out in chalk along the pavement and on the rocks with messages from the Mormons. I wanted to take a picture but the messages were far too massive to fit in my screen. Any ways, it was good for a chuckle and a reminder that I needed to catch up on your posts!

  2. messages from the mormons? on rocks?

    "Run Faster. – From the Mormons"
    "Quit Drinking Beer. – From the Mormons"
    "Have Multiple Wives. – From the Mormons"

    like that?

    weird. So were any of the messages convincing?

  3. Those messages would have been entertaining! No, they were all bible verses with "" at the end. Nothing too exciting!

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