Top 10 MxPx Albums:

1.  Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo (1998, A&M)
2.  Life in General (1996, Tooth & Nail)
3.  Before Everything & After (2003, A&M)
4.  Teenage Politics (1995, Tooth & Nail)
5.  Secret Weapon (2007, Tooth & Nail)
6.  Left Coast Punk EP (2009, Rock City)
7.  Panic (2005, Side One Dummy)
8.  Renaissance (2001, Fat Wreck)
9.  The Ever-Passing Moment (2000, A&M)
10. Let’s Rock (2006, Side One Dummy)

Ok, y’all.  I know there are at least a couple (former?) MxPx fans out there.  What do you think of my list?  How would your list be different?

12 comments to Top 10 MxPx Albums:

  • I say top 10… but really, quality drops off pretty quickly after #5…

  • Joe

    Teenage Politics was the only one I ever had, so my top ten list would include only one album, that would also be the length of my list of worst mxpx albums…

    Okay, I'm not helping, I'm just going to step out now…

  • @Joe B – boooo on you. Not everybody can be as good as The Common Place.

  • Joe

    Haha, you got me!

    To be fair, I did listen to Teenage Politics about 1000 times, and could still sing every word to every song on that album.

  • Andrew Guzman

    What? No Pokinatcha? Surely that was better than their new albums… which I've never actually heard.

  • Pokinatcha?!? oh brother… Pokinatcha was the worst $10 I've ever spent on music – unless you count that time I unwittingly bought a Theory of a Deadman album.

  • Regarding your list, I'd say I'm OK, You're OK.

  • Ren

    I've had at least 3 friends ask me if they're Mormon, to which I respond, "Who the hell is mxpx?"

  • I can say that I own the two CDs you have pictured and have about a ten year-old MxPx t-shirt at home that I still regularly wear that I got at a concert at The Quest but was unaware that the band was still together. My favorite track ever has to be "Doing TIme" off Life in General. The best 1:30 (or so) in pop punk history.

  • @Ren – MxPx Mormon???? HA! As IF! They sing about GRACE, for heaven's sake! BTW, this list should not be misunderstood as a recommendation that anyone begin listening to MxPx if they don't already do so. There are far better musical options available.

    @Sornie – I expect most people who became fans of MxPx during their Teenage Politics/Life In General days don't know the band is still together….

  • wow. mxpx. i haven't listened to them since i wore platinum liberty spikes. i always enjoyed the music but the lyrics were juvenile; it kind of annoyed me.

  • @raina – worst. lyrics. ever.