The Power of Prayer

I was asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting at church today.  I put probably too much effort into my talk.  It was wildly too long, so I only ended up actually delivering less than half of what I had prepared.  Anyway,  here is a link to my full talk if you care to read it.  Here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite:

Prayer can be defined as any process by which we seek to interact with God. It may be verbal or non-verbal. It may be passive or active. It may be individual or community-based. Today, I would like to discuss four forms of prayer. The purpose of my talk to day is to encourage each of us to incorporate many forms of prayer into our lives. The four types of prayer are Petitionary, Colloquial, Meditative, and Ritualistic. I also expect that many of us engage in other types of prayers without fully recognizing it as a form of prayer.

4 comments to The Power of Prayer

  • I spoke in church today too, on Nurturing Marriage. I planned for about 10 minutes and took over 20. I'm really bad at keeping it short. 🙂

  • Ren

    Dude, you should have told me you were speaking. I would've bailed on RS and made faces at you from the front pew.

  • wish we could have been there to be unsupportive & rude during it. jk i would've loved to listen…in between smacking my kids to shut the h up.

  • btw, lee is in talks with himself to move back there when he gets a cool enough portfolio. i'm super stoked cause we love minnesotans.