Storage Solutions

I came home from work a couple days ago to find this waiting for me on my front porch:

Yes, it’s some goodies from NewEgg. Some storage solutions to help me with my problem.  I opened the box to find three items:  the D-Link 321 Network Storage Enclosure, a 1TB hard drive to put in it, and a second 1TB external drive:

Here’s what they look like when stacked on top of my totally punk rock desktop computer:

The whole system was a snap to set up and install.  Even dummies like me can do it.  My wife are referring to the Network Attached Storage (NAS) as “NOS”:

But I’m starting to second-guess my storage strategy…. My strategy was that I would transfer everything over to the NOS and have the NOS be the primary storage drive for everything on both computers. That would allow all of our music, videos, and personal docs to be available from either computer at any time.  That part of the plan is working great.  The second external drive is intended to be a periodic backup of the NOS.  The only problem is that this is kind of a pain.  If I want to back up the NOS, I have to plug the drive into the desktop and stream all the data through the router – which is really slow.

hmmmm… I just don’t know very much about this networking business….

NEXT STEP: find some stickers for my new storage devices.

5 comments to Storage Solutions

  • Pick up a second tb drive and run raid 1,0 if that NAS is expandable google raid levels and learn about disk stripping. That would of been the cure all. Good choice on d-link good for the home user

  • You might be able to run raid level on two separate units. I would have to do some research

  • @Live Live – raid is probably a good idea, & I'll probably look into it. I'm not really comfortable using RAID as my only method of data protection, though. The problem with RAID is that both copies of my data would be stored in the same box. I would be sufficiently protected against drive failure, but not against other forms of data loss. I'm sad to say it, but in my neighborhood, I worry about someone breaking into my house and stealing the entire NAS box as much as I worry about drive failure. And there's also physical damage of numerous types that RAID wouldn't guard against. This new system I'm using is awkward – no doubt about it, but I couldn't think of another way to get 2 copies of the data in 2 separate locations.

  • I'm glad it was an easy set up. As I've stated before, I'm with you on the two-places bit (although RAID is nice and your device does support it). For my backups to external drives, I usually let the sync run over night because it is indeed slower than a backup directly from the computer. No sense in waiting for it in person.

    The syncback software I've recommended previously is available here: It's pretty easy to set up, the wizard can practically walk you through it. Then you just plug in your drive, kick off the backup task and let it churn for a while.

    If we wire your network this summer, you can put the NOS in the basement and keep your external drive permanently attached to the compy, then you can set up syncback to just run automatically.